Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much does this service cost?

A:  Its FREE! to you at least.. We get paid thru the apartment communities when you lease a place. (That's why it's important to list your agent on the application as "How you heard about them")

Q: Can you send me a list of apartments?

A: In theory, yes.. However pricing/availability change everyday so a list I send you today wouldn't be accurate a week from now when you want to tour or even the next day! 

Q: I'm moving to Austin from out of town/state can you still help me?

A: YES! We can do everything remote from where you are at. I can even tour the properties and take pictures/videos for you to help you narrow it down to your best ones!

Q: How does this work?

A: First call/text (512)676-0490 with exactly what you are looking for or fill out THIS FORM. I will do all the research, make all the calls, we pick a day where you can come in and narrow it down to your top few by pricing, specials & availability then we go check them out! Whole process usually takes 1-4 hours. Find out more HERE

Q: Are you a Licensed Real Estate Agent?

A: Yes, I am a Licensed Real Estate Agent (Texas)

Q: Do you do Houses or Duplexes

A: No, I only lease Apartments. I am a Licensed Real Estate Agent but I'm not a "Realtor" so I don't have access to the MLS (By choice). 


Q: I have an hour for lunch during the week can we meet then?

A: No, an hour would not be an effective amount of time to tour apartments. 

Q: My only day off is Sunday can we tour apartments then?

A: No, There are a handful of apartments open limited hours on Sundays but wouldn't be a very productive day to view all of your options.

Q: I have a broken lease can you still help me?

A: Yes! There are communities that work with Broken Leases/Property Debt & Evictions depending on age and amount owed. Contact me for more details

Q: I have a Misdemeanor/Felony can you still help me?

A: Yes, Depending on the Misdemeanor or Felony and how long its been from the conviction date. Contact me for more details

Q: I have a Pit bull, will apartments still approve me?

A: Yes! There are actually quite a few communities that don't have any breed or weight restrictions. Contact me for more details.

Q: I am a first time renter, is that ok?

A: Yes! There are tons of communities that are ok with first time renters. Contact me for more details.


Q: Do I have to pay the Application/Admins fees when applying for an apartment?

A: Yes! Whether its your last dollar or your millionth, everybody pays an App/Admin fee. 

Q: Whats with the $50 Visa gift cards?

A: I pay a $50 Visa gift card for every leased referral, so basically everybody you send me I can give a $50 gift card once they sign their lease and move in! Also I can reimburse your application fee of up to $50 as well!